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Peninsula Orthopedic Sports Therapy & Gravity 101 provides a unique, highly effective rehabilitative therapy here on the Peninsula we call "Muscle Memory Rehabilitation".

Muscle memory can be beneficial, as when you learn how to brush your teeth.  Repetitive tasks create an "ease" of effort with practice due to the muscle's memory and continued reinforcement each time the task is performed.  Just think of how difficult it is to brush your teeth with your "other hand"!  On the flip side, muscle memory can be poor, out of balance and destructive with time.  An example of this could result from an injury where the body develops compensations (adaptations) to continue to function while healing, such as a limp for a sprained ankle or a protective guarding of a painful shoulder to hold it in a position that is "pain-less".  This necessary adaption becomes a new muscle memory that remains even after the injury heals.  Keep in mind that our postural habits are also rooted in our muscle memory, good and bad.  Our work brings awareness to these unbeneficial muscle memories, creating dramatic change in muscle tone and strength, and joint function.  Clients are repeatedly amazed and transformed!


When we bring awareness to the body as a system that functions best when in harmony and balance, we are able to move with strength and confidence.  Remember what it felt like to know that your body was capable of spending 5 hours golfing or 2 hours on the courts or even half the day gardening without having pain later?  You don't have to be twenty- or thirty-something to have that confidence.  Now that's empowering!

We encourage you to break away from the inner dialogue, "It'll never get better" and "I've tried everything" to "I'm not willing to live my life in pain."  And yes, it takes a little work.  Thankfully, the body is highly adaptable.

So, whether you're recovering from injury/surgery, have a nagging, chronic problem or simply know that you need to be more proactive about your body's health...we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your process.  Our Team of Therapists incorporate an exceptionally powerful combination of hands on therapy and movement education to make immediate and lasting changes for you.  You'll find yourself standing up taller and stronger, and everything you do will be easier and more enjoyable.

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