Peninsula Orthopedic Sports Therapy LLC

Professionals We Follow

Working on our clients and educating them about neuromuscular function and soft tissue injury/recovery inevitably leads to discussions about other body-related topics.


Here are a few of the medical professionals whose work/research we follow:


Peter Attia, MD

Peter's practice is focused on the science of longevity, typically using his own body as a test subject.


Rhonda Patrick, PhD

Rhonda loves to dive deeply into a health topic and break it wide open for the those of us who really like details (and biochemistry).


Joseph Mercola, MD

Dr. Mercola is always on the cutting edge of research.  He leans towards the patient taking control of their health through education and encourages them to have a team of healthcare professionals as a proactive resource for disease prevention and health optimization.


Our Colleagues are another great source of information and experiential knowledge.  Check them out here:


Dr. Mark Rosen, DO

We have been fans of Dr. Rosen for 30 + years. We've watched, and experienced, his skillset grow and evolve over his career. Sadly he isn't accepting new clients, but has colleagues and students to whom he refers.


Mike Lane, DC

I highly recommended reading Mike's blog and listening in to his podcasts.


Books that will educate and empower you to take back control of your life:


Fat for Fuel, by Joseph Mercola MD

Sitting Kills Moving Heals, by Joan Vernikos PhD

True to Form, by Eric Goodman DC


We hope you find these resources useful and informative as you get to know your body better.

Knowledge put into action is powerful!


Yours in health, 

JonPierre and Tirzah