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Our unique and highly effective approach to therapy is born out of an evolution of our practice over the past 20 years.  We have come to call it Muscle Memory Rehabilitation.  Our clients call it magic!  Our goal is to create awareness, and together uncover the root cause of your issue as we work with you to resolve it once and for all.  To achieve this, we incorporate complementary hands-on modalities/techniques, as we work with you to unwind chronic tension, reduce pain and muscle guarding, dissolve adhesions in the soft tissues, and create mobility in the joints.  In tandem with the hands-on component, we teach you how to move again with strength and confidence through movement strategies.  You live in your body every day!  And we believe everyone should know how their body works and how to keep it working at its best.  Period.  We've been told this isn't a very good business model, yet we feel strongly that the less you need to see us, the better!

Clients find our approach makes immediate and lasting changes even after just one session and express how they wish they'd found us sooner.  Are you ready to feel yourself standing up taller and stronger, and have everything you do feel easier and more enjoyable?  Great!  Contact us for a session.  Or read on, to learn more.

Muscle memory can be beneficial, like when you learn how to walk or brush your teeth.  Repetitive tasks create an "ease" of effort with practice as the muscle's memory of the task is continually reinforced each time the task is performed.  Eventually, you don't have to think about how to walk or brush your teeth.  Just try to brush your teeth with your "other hand"!  Yikes!  Talk about uncoordinated, right?

On the flip side, muscle memory can be poor, out of balance, inefficient and degenerative with time.  Think of a car's wheels out of alignment, eventually wearing the tire(s) unevenly and then having to replace the tire(s) sooner than expected.  For the body, an example of this would be the result from an injury where the body develops compensations (adaptations) whereby it can continue functioning during healing, such as a limp or altered stance for a sprained ankle.  This necessary adaption becomes a new muscle memory that may remain even after the injury heals.  You just don't notice it because it became "normal".  Down the road though (in keeping with the automotive comparison), the cartilage in the knee of the opposite leg of the original injury, wears unevenly and a knee replacement is needed.  This is a simplistic example, as there are many variables, but interesting, right?  And some may want to tie it to "Oh, I'm just getting old", but then why aren't both knees worn out the same way?  They are the same age you know...;-)

Our postural habits are also deeply rooted in muscle memory, good and bad.  For example, working at the computer for most of the day is coming at a stiff price (yes, pun intended) and it has lead to millions of people suffering from chronic pain in their backs, hips, shoulders, arms/hands, necks, to name a few.  And the restrictions imposed by this pandemic has made many of us sit much more throughout our day than usual, creating a new collective pain pandemic.  Pain masking medications aren't the answer.  Orthopedic surgery should be a LAST RESORT.  So now what?...Get back to basics.

Our unique, interactive approach brings awareness and resolution to this slow culmination of non-beneficial muscle memories, joint restrictions and subsequent pain issues.  The work is gentle and non-invasive, and clients are repeatedly amazed and transformed!  Don't get me wrong, there's typically a lot of work involved and time.  Oh yeah, and patience, but, think of how long it took to develop from an 'occasional problem' to a chronic pain.  And consider how you could have actually avoided your pain issues, simply by having an awareness, knowledge and routine checks (our clients call them tune-ups).  We have routine checks for our teeth, our eyes and our general health, but nothing for our soft tissues.  I'm not talking about working out at a gym.  This is different...deeper.  I'm talking about gravity and how we interact with it.  Curious?  Contact us now.  Seriously...


Remember what it felt like to know that your body was capable of spending 5 hours golfing or 2 hours on the courts or even half the day gardening without having pain later?  You don't have to be twenty- or thirty-something to have that confidence in your body.  Now that's empowering!

We encourage you to break away from the inner dialogue of, "It'll never get better" and "I've tried everything" to "I deserve to live my life without pain!  I want to get back to (insert your favorite activity here)."  And yes, it takes commitment, some work at first and then consistency, kind of like keeping your teeth clean and healthy with regular brushing and routines check-ups.  Thankfully, the body is highly adaptable and you can use that to your advantage to create new, beneficial muscle memory and feel confident again.'re recovering from injury or surgery, have a nagging, chronic problem and you want to take charge!  You've decided you want to be more proactive about your body's health.  We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your process and journey.  Contact us for an appointment.

We also mentor other therapists on their journey!  We are open to pass on what we've learned while we ourselves evolve along our journey as therapists and as beings having this human experience.

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