Welcome to our POST! We are eternally grateful for our teachers and predecessors for the knowledge and vision they have shared with us.  And we thank you, for the opportunity to practice this knowledge and empower you towards your wellness vision, as we help you get out of pain. 


"I have made so much progress toward being pain free while remaining physically active that I have recommended the Peninsula Orthopedic Sports Therapy team to everybody that I know with pain issues." - Jim

We are professional, California State Certified Massage Therapists highly trained in assessing and treating orthopaedic pain and dysfunction.  Click on the "Techniques" page to learn more about our preferred techniques we use in our work.

"The demand for safe and effective treatment of pain and disability is growing rapidly as the population seeks alternatives to drugs and surgery.  In addition, an increased number of people are experiencing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.  Many factors can be cited for this, such as a more active elderly population, the popularity of recreational sports, the increased number of people using computers, and the growing number of people involved in car accidents.  The medical community has recognized that much of the pain and disability suffered by their patients involve soft tissue injury and dysfunction."  (Massage for Orthopedic Conditions, 2003 Thomas Hendrickson, DC, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)

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Beginning February 2017...Foundation Training workshops plus weekly classes!  Dates to be announced.  For a brief description, read more in our Techniques page or Click here for the Foundation Training website.  Take our work to the next level!  Let us empower you to relearn how to hold and move your body the way it's supposed to and get out of chronic pain for good.

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