Gravity, Sitting and Adaptation

So, sitting...we all do it!  And we typically do a lot of it.

With the industrial revolution, machines were able to do more and do it faster, so we physically began to do less.  With computers, the same thing occurred and now we demand less of our bodies during our day.  Don't get us wrong, we love all the latest tech and machines that enable us to do more in less time.  The problem is, we have moved away from healthy, strong and supported movement to poor posture, weakness, injury and chronic pain.  We believe this life of complacent conveniences is connected to our now epidemic of chronic pain.

What has been the solution is to "workout".  Something was better than nothing right?  Wait a second...that would make us the only animal on the planet that needs to workout to stay strong?!  And yet, we are still experiencing chronic pain.

4/30/18 - So...gravity.  We can't live without it, but we aren't living very well with it either.  All of those muscles that hold us up and out of the pull of gravity have become weakened.  We are resting on our joints and the soft tissues around them (joint capsules and ligaments) instead of using our muscles, the primary system, as they were meant to be used.

Look around, (even in the mirror) and you'll see examples of this primary system in dysfunction...the head is forward, shoulders are rolled forward, the pelvis/hips are tucked forward.  And you'll see it in almost every person you look at.  It's an epidemic!  We are out of balance and functioning poorly causing a rise of musculoskeletal pain and the need for pain medications and anti-inflammatories.  Problem is...the meds are just a band-aid.  Even if the "solution" comes down to surgery, you've still only fixed the pain, which is typically not the source of the problem.  So where do we go from here?

5/21/18 - Certainly we can't change our body's O/S (operating system), but we can get a new program!  This program should take into account our body's need to breathe well, to move well and hold itself up well in order to function optimally.  So, if breathing and supported movement is the program we want to install, we'll need to reprogram the old, dysfunctional coding that has entrenched itself into our mainframe and caused countless bugs.  (LOL - Sorry, couldn't help myself.)  Okay, well how do we do that?  For this, we do Foundation Training.

10/1/18 - It always amazes me (and scares me a little) to watch the younger generations of children, growing up with tech, and how their bodies already emulate the dysfunctional patterns we see in our adult clients.  These kids' bodies are still growing and developing and unfortunately they are already disadvantaged due to these muscular imbalances.  It actually makes me a little sad...and project what this will look like in 20 years.  I am inspired to bring the concept of Foundation Training to them, to give them the opportunity to start with the knowledge that will empower them to take control of their bodies and understand the difference...Conscious Awareness!

Stay tuned for more thoughts...