CoVID Protocol @ Evolve

For those clients who see us at the Evolve Movement Collective, here's what you need to know for your appointment:

  • We request you obtain a doctor's referral for Massage Therapy, although it's not required.  It is not a standard "referral" with coding for insurance.  It could be as simple as a "note" acknowledging how you may benefit from massage therapy.  Contact us for more clarification.  This is based on the CA Department of Public Health and how they've redefined "medical massage therapy", making us essential.


When you mention our work and how it helps you, you are essentially educating the medical profession as to the demand and efficacy of our work, and these discussions raise the status and acceptance of the massage therapy profession over time, like planting a seed.  Who knows, perhaps insurance companies will begin to recognize our services too.  Win-Win!  So THANK YOU, for taking the time and making the effort!


  • If you haven't done so already, a credit card will be placed on file to reserve your appointment and allow for a seamless and contactless check out process.

  • As required by Evolve Movement Collective, you must complete the Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability related to Coronavirus/COVID-19 prior to your session with us at their facilities.  This document will be emailed to you prior to your session.

  • Therapists are fully vaccinated, and will self evaluate for symptoms prior to the appointment.  If necessary, you will be contacted by phone/text/email to reschedule.

  • As you will be in an enclosed space with your therapist, a mask will be worn by the therapist during your session for added protection. 

~ Thank you for recognizing that our services CANNOT be practiced with social distancing and these precautionary measures are for everyone's benefit.

~ Please be patient with us and yourselves as we adhere to these procedures and the evolving situation, including any industry guidelines we must adhere to in order to continue to practice.

And lastly, if you are feeling unwell on the day of your appointment, use your best judgement as always, and please call us at 650-464-2817 to make any last minute changes.  The safety of our therapists and clients is our top priority.

We thank you for your business and your support.