CoVID Protocol

Here's what you need to know for your appointment:

  • We request you obtain a doctor's referral for Massage Therapy.  Okay, breathe.  This is not a standard "referral" with coding for insurance.  It could be as simple as a "note" acknowledging how you may benefit from massage therapy.  Contact us for more clarification.  This is based on the CA Department of Public Health and how they've redefined "medical massage therapy", making us essential.

  • A credit card will be place on file to reserve your appointment and allow for a seamless and contactless check out process.

  • You must complete the CoVID-19 Questionnaire for each and every appointment. The questionnaire will be emailed to you the day before your appointment.  We know this can be tedious, especially if we see you frequently.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Your Therapist will self evaluate for symptoms, including taking a temperature reading, prior to appointment.  If necessary, they will contact you by phone/text/email to reschedule.

  • Clients and Therapists must each wear a face covering at all times.

  • Your temporal temperature will be taken upon arrival and we have a Pulse Oximeter to check your oxygen saturation level during your session. Temperature must be within a normal range for the session to take place.  (Note: a hot day/car or exercise prior to a session can elevate the temperature reading.)  If temperature is elevated, you will be asked to wait 5 minutes to retake and confirm.  If temperature remains above normal range, your session will need to be rescheduled, as a precaution.  Sorry, no exceptions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Please provide a location for the Therapist to wash their hands prior to and after the session.  We ask that you also wash your hands prior to and after your session.

~ Your Therapist will arrive from 5 - 15 minutes before your appointment time to allow for the above protocol and set-up, so as not to cut into precious treatment time.

~ Please recognize that our service CANNOT be practiced with social distancing and these precautionary measures are for your protection as well as ours and our other clients.

~ Please be patient with us and yourselves as we adhere to these procedures and the constantly changing situation, including the industry guidelines we must adhere to in order to continue to practice.

And lastly, if you are feeling unwell on the day of your appointment, use your best judgement as always, and please call us at 650-464-2817 to make any last minute changes.  The safety of our therapists and clients is our top priority.

We thank you for your business and your support.