CoVID OFFICE Appointment Protocol

Here's what you need to know about our changes to meet the State and County guidelines for providing our services during CoVID-19:

  • To create a seamless and "touchless" checkout, the online booking process includes payment.  If you wish to use a Gift Card, please contact us to book your session.
  • You must complete the CoVID-19 Questionnaire for each and every appointment. The questionnaire will be emailed to you the day before the appointment.
  • There will be separate, clearly marked Entrance and Exit doors.
  • Clients and Therapists must each wear a face covering at all times.  Masks will be provided if you do not bring your own.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you arrive.

  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. Temperature must be within a normal range for the session to take place.  (Note: a hot day/car or exercise prior to a session can elevate the temperature reading.)  If temperature is elevated, you will be asked to wait 5 minutes to retake and confirm.  If temperature remains above normal range, your session will need to be rescheduled, as a precaution.  Sorry, no exceptions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Appointments will be staggered to maintain social distancing and allow adequate time for our sanitizing protocol between sessions.

  • Please come to your session alone.  Only one parent or guardian will be permitted to accompany a minor, all others will be asked to wait in the car, go for a walk (The Bair Island Refuge is just down the street!  Bring sunscreen and a hat!), etc and return at the end of the session.

~ Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time to allow for the above protocol, so as not to cut into precious treatment time.

~ Please recognize that our service CANNOT be practiced with social distancing and these precautionary measures are for your protection as well as for ours.

~ Please be patient with us and yourselves as we adjust to these new procedures and the constantly changing situation, including the industry guidelines we must adhere to.

And lastly, if you are feeling unwell on the day of your appointment, use your best judgement as always, and please call us at 650-464-2817 to make any last minute changes.  The safety of our therapists and clients is our top priority.

We thank you for your business and support.