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If you are looking for a time where there's nothing available on the calendar for the team member you want or you have an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We may be able to accommodate you.


from $90/hr - Apprentices:  Our Apprentices are our "Padawan Learners" in training with our Masters, learning the ways of muscle memory rehabilitation.

from $120/hr - Practitioners:  These "Knights" have "faced the trials" and continue their quest to "bring balance" to bodies in need.

from $150/hr - Therapists:  Our Therapists are experienced and cunning "soft-tissue warriors", able to effectively eliminate pain and guide you along a path of freedom from chronic, oppressive pain.

from $190/hr - Master Therapists:  These are our "Master Jedis"!  These therapists have had their hands on clients for over 20 years!  Their expertise is in identifying the primary causes of chronic pain and using muscle memory rehabilitation exercises to assist the body to relieve soft-tissue dysfunction and restore optimal function.

* Rates subject to change without notice