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Yes!  We are seeing clients!  *NEW* A doctor's referral is no longer required to book for massage therapy, but recommended.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.  While many things have changed in how they are done, our commitment to you and your health remains.  Please familiarize yourself with CoVID Protocols so you know what to expect at your next visit.  Then, scroll down this page and come see us!!

Our availability is continually changing.  We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we find a permanent "home" for our practice.


If you are looking for a time where there's nothing available on the calendar for the team member you want or you have an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We may be able to accommodate you.

We will continue to offer our online services as well.

Online Rates*:

$50 - 30 minute Private Video Consultation with our "Masters" - one on one consultation to provide you with some direction and home care until we can see you in person.

$80 - 60 minute Private Foundation Training session:  Movement strategies to give you back control of your body and avoid recurring pain/injury.

** We also provide virtual sessions!  We "walk" you through a hands-on session as you work on someone or someone works on you.  This is fun and can be very beneficial even without any massage experience.  Contact us for more details!


Studio Rates*:

from $190/hr - Master Therapists:  These therapists have had their hands on clients for over 20 years!  Their expertise is in identifying the primary causes of chronic pain and using muscle memory rehabilitation exercises to assist the body to relieve soft-tissue dysfunction and restore optimal function.  Individual results vary and can be magical!

Concierge Rates*:

from $285/hr - Our Master Therapists come to you!

* Rates subject to change without notice